Codrially welcomes on my photography-blog.

In my free time I am a passionate amateur photographer.
One the one hand I would like to present pictures and picture ideas of mine, on the other hand in the categories PIC OF THE WEEK and PICTURE IDEAS I would like to offer to other amateur photographers the possibility to show their works and ideas.

I will be glad to recieve your comments and constructive criticism.

English is not my mother tongue, but I hope I can make myself understood. If you find any spelling mistakes, wrongly used words or whole phrases that you cannot say in english, please let me know. Thank you very much in advance.

You can find here:

  • under FACES: pictures of my portrait-shootings
  • under WHAT’S THAT?: unusual close-ups for guessing
  • under PIC OF THE WEEK: backround information to special pictures
  • under PICTURE IDEAS: ideas and tips for certain photographic situations
  • under BOOKS: comments about photography books that I am reading
  • under Links: Links to interesting websites about photography

And the most important thing: Have fun!